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Keith Monks Concentrated discOvery33/45 Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid for vinyl records

All natural - no alcohol - makes 5 litres


- Best selling record cleaning fluid, now available as a concentrate

- Take supplied container with concentrate inside, fill to the top with your own supply of high quality (preferably demineralised) water*

- Makes 5 litres (just over 5 US quarts) of premium record cleaning solution

- Supplied with tap for easy dispensing


• Deep clean biodegradable record cleaning fluid for vinyl records

• By far the best fluid you can buy to remove the mould release oils from the original pressing - the biggest single benefit of Precision record cleaning

• Improves and preserves brand new audiophile records as well as vintage discs

• Restores. preserves, sounds superb

• Contains no alcohols or artificial chemicals, just pure natural ingredients

• Popular upgrade for users of other record cleaning methods & machines


• Removes mold release oils, dust, grime, static, old fluid residues ...

• Thin, inaudible natural protective layer replaces the manufacturing oils, protects and prolongs the life of both stylus and record

• discOvery's biodegradable deep cleaning enhances sound quality and clarity, cuts surface noise, and restores and preserves your precious discs

• The same recipe, just concentrated.  Save big on fluids and worldwide shipping !


(*always use a reputable brand of purified water - preferably deionized.  Inferior water will harm your records, damage your cleaning machine and tools, and invalidate product warranties)

Keith Monks discOvery33/45C5 | vinyl record cleaning fluid CONCENTRATE makes 5L

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