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About Us


At Diamond Vinyl, we understand the importance of protecting and  preserving your precious vinyl record collection - because that's  exactly what we do with our own !

We are a family-owned business, dedicated to providing you with the ultimate in record care resources and solutions, from the ultimate and longest running manufacturer.

Since 1969 our associates Keith Monks Audio have specialized in making and perfecting equipment dedicated to the restoration and preservation of all vintages of records.

Inventors of the original and world's first electric  record cleaning machine with the BBC in London and ever since, broadening people's knowledge of the need for proper record care, extending the lifespan of both disc and stylus, and maximizing sound quality and listening enjoyment. 


Diamond Vinyl now brings these peerless products to the world, in what we hope you will find to be an accessible and enjoyable shopping experience.

From old hard-luck cases to brand new audiophile preesings drenched in release oils, from basic cleaning to complete restoration and preservation, together our constant aim is to be THE trusted resource for record 

Let us help you and your family preserve your cherished vinyl record collection, so all may protect your investment and enjoy the true fidelity of their sound, for decades to come.

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